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The MastClimber
Climbing the mast has never been easier or safer!

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Mastclimber or Kit
The ATN MastClimber is the only single handed bosun's chair
that allows the operator to work ABOVE the mast head
without leaving the chair. The MastClimber makes climbing the mast safer and easier.

Retrofit your old Topclimber with the newer, more practical ATN Ascender.
Pair of ATN Ascender is $150.00.

Attention! The new ATN MastClimber does not require a static line anymore
as it can be fit OVER any existing halyard.

About MastClimber

The MastClimber is simple to use for climbing the mast, its set up time is minimal, and its rugged and simple construction will ensure years of use, allowing you to maintain and check aloft all the standing rigging of your sailboat.

Climbing the Mast


The MastClimber is a great system as it uses the leg muscles to climb, allowing you to reach the mast head not exhausted by the climb, and since it rides onto a static line, taut between the deck and the mast head. The MastClimber prevents you from swaying away from the mast, helplessly, even if the boat heels over making climbing the mast easier and safer.

Climbing the Mast and Above the Masthead
Mastclimber Climbing the Mast
Mastclimber Above the Masthead
The MastClimber consists of 2 parts, a bos'n's chair with back rest and one-way jammer, and leg straps, with loops for the feet, with one-way jammer.

Operation of the MastClimber for climbing the mast is done by alternatively standing up on the leg straps, which allows you to slide up the one-way jammer of the bos'n's chair, then sitting onto the bos'n's chair, which allows you to slide up the one-way jammer of the leg strap, then standing up on the leg straps. To descend the mast, procedure is reversed.

The MastClimber in action climbing the mast.

Alessandro Di Benedetto of Team Plastique in the Vendee Globe 2012-2013 goes up the mast with the ATN MastClimber in mid-ocean. Video in 3 parts.


The price of the Mastclimber is $450.00

The MastClimber will fit OVER any rope halyard, from 3/8" up to 5/8".

Mastclimber or Kit
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Testimonials and Reviews:

Which is the Best Way to go Up the Mast?

by David Proctor
Unfortunately, there are certain pieces of equipment that need maintenance and repairs that require a sailor to go to the top of the mast...
Read the MastClimber article.

Mastclimber News Article

Dear Mr. Giroire,
I have received the repaired/replaced webbing on warranty for my ATN Mast Climber and it is perfect. Thank you!! I am very pleased with the Mast Climber (as a 75-year-old solo sailor, I trust it) and very pleased with your prompt attention to my problem.
Michael H.

I needed to install my wind instrument which was undergoing a warranty replacement during the mast refit. I stayed awhile to enjoy the view. Wish I would have stayed longer to enjoy the sunset. ATN Mastclimber is now essential kit aboard Izadora!

I was just sailing with John K. and I mentioned how much I use my mast climber. I have saved thousands of dollars in rigging charges by climbing my own mast with the mast climber. I also use it to climb my boat slip neighbor’s mast as he is too old for that. Up and down no problem. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great product.

Hello Etienne,
Just to let you know I received the chair, and used it this weekend. Having the right equipment made all the difference I needed to work on top of the mast. Being able to stand up to work, and then sit down to rest worked perfectly. Thanks for a great solution.
Matt A.
S/V Faith
New Bern, NC

Showing the ATN Mastclimber to Loick Peyron and Christian Fevrier
on the 40' trimaran "Happy", getting ready for the 2014 Route du Rhum
ATN Mastclimber Route du Rhum

Mastclimber Testimonial Mastclimber works!

I just used my new mastclimber to replace a burned out spreader light. I asked my wife to take a picture but now it looks like you can't see the actual climbing hardware. I'm using my own bosun's chair. But I wanted you to know I'm happy with your product. Thanks. I also found that it works just fine to connect the halyard to a cleat at the bottom of the mast rather than at the side of the boat.
Steve B.

Hi Etienne,
I met you at the Miami boat show and purchased a Mast Climber and a Gale sail. I have been up the mast twice in the last three days. The mast climber works very well (and impressed my neighbors!). Many thanks for your excellent products.
Sarah H.

ATN Mastclimber Review

The ATN Mastclimber was reviewed as Tried and Tested on Yachting Monthly magazine.
ATN Mastclimber Testimonial Etienne,
I found my picture of using your Mastclimber. We chatted at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show in January. I love this thing.
John F.
I wanted to thank you for your fine product the Mast Climber. I was up and down my mast 3 times last Sunday while replacing a wind vane on my Catalina 27.

Your product has got to be one of the best investments that I have ever made for our boat. It was easy to use, and I felt very safe while working on top.
Once again, thank you for a great product.
Bill, SV Loose Ends